Unit 1: Basic Java

Learning Objectives


  • Call System class methods to generate output to the console.
  • Create string literals.
  • Identify the most appropriate data type of category for a particular specification.
  • Declare variables of the correct types to represent primitive data.
  • Evaluate arithmetic expressions in a program code.
  • Evaluate what is stored in a variable as a result of an expression with an assignment statement.
  • Evaluate arithmetic expressions that use casting.


  • Explain the relationship between a class and an object.
  • Identify, using its signature, the correct constructor being called.
  • Create objects by calling constructors without parameters.
  • Create objects by calling constructors with parameters.
  • Call non-static void methods without parameters
  • Call non-static void methods with parameters.
  • Call non-static non-void methods with or without parameters.
  • Create String objects.
  • Call String methods.
  • Create Integer objects.
  • Call Integer methods.
  • Create Double objects.
  • Call Double methods.
  • Call static methods.
  • Evaluate expressions that use the Math class methods.