1.4 Images and Object-Oriented Libraries


  1. create own visual work
  2. using variables in the most common roles as well as variable types, arrays, and array manipulations
  3. manipulate image files using both application programming interfaces (APIs) and direct manipulation of the data
  4. discuss intellectual property and privacy issues that stem from our ability to reproduce and automate analysis of multimedia data
  5. manipulate data with Python to create an image artifact

Essential Questions

  1. What can be represented by binary data?
  2. How does abstraction make the software development process easier?
  3. What are the practices that lead to effective collaboration?
  4. What role does creativity play in algorithmic programming?

Key Terms

1.4 Creating an Image Filter

      • You will be acting as a software developer for your own project.
      • The project will involve challenge algorithms that involve images and you must create given certain constraints.