3.3 Data Science with Python

Enduring Understanding

      • Programs can be used to process data, which allows users to discover information and create new knowledge.

Lesson Objectives

  1. Extract information from data using a program.

  2. Explain how programs can be used to gain insight and knowledge from data.

Essential Knowledge

  1. Programs can be used to process data to acquire information.

  2. Tables, diagrams, text, and other visual tools can be used to communicate insight and knowledge gained from data.

  3. Search tools are useful for efficiently finding information.

  4. Data filtering systems are important tools for finding information and recognizing patterns in data.

  5. Programs such as spreadsheets help efficiently organize and find trends in information.

  6. Programs are used in an iterative and interactive way when processing information to allow users to gain insight and knowledge about data.

  7. Programmers can use programs to filter and clean digital data, thereby gaining insight and knowledge.

  8. Combining data sources, clustering data, and classifying data are parts of the process of using programs to gain insight and knowledge from data.

  9. Insight and knowledge can be obtained from translating and transforming digitally represented information.

  10. Patterns can emerge when data are transformed using programs.