Enduring Understanding

      • Incorporating multiple perspectives through collaboration improves computing innovations as they are developed.

Essential Questions

      • How has working collaboratively with other students improved an overall project?

      • What are some ways you can collect additional feedback on your program to use for improvements?

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Lesson Objectives

  1. Explain how computing innovations are improved through collaboration.

  2. Explain how computing innovations are developed by groups of people.

  3. Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills during collaboration.

Essential Knowledge

  1. A computing innovation includes a program as an integral part of its function.

  2. A computing innovation can be physical (e.g., self-driving car), non-physical computing software (e.g., picture editing software), or non-physical computing concepts (e.g., e-commerce).

  3. Effective collaboration produces a computing innovation that reflects the diversity of talents and perspectives of those who designed it.

  4. Collaboration that includes diverse perspectives helps avoid bias in the development of computing innovations.

  5. Consultation and communication with users are important aspects of the development of computing innovations.

  6. Information gathered from potential users can be used to understand the purpose of a program from diverse perspectives and to develop a program that fully incorporates these perspectives.

  7. Online tools support collaboration by allowing programmers to share and provide feedback on ideas and documents.

  8. Common models such as pair programming exist to facilitate collaboration.

  9. Effective collaborative teams practice interpersonal skills, including but not limited to communication, consensus building, conflict resolution, and negotiation.