Computer Science Principles


Computer Science Principles (CSP) is a rigorous, entry-level computer science course that introduces the foundations of modern computing. This course is similar to an entry level college computer science course. It will cover a broad range of topics such as programming, algorithms, the Internet, big data, digital privacy and security, and the societal impacts of computing. This course encourages students to find relationships between computer science and their own unique interests.

Computer Science Principles is organized around seven Big Ideas, which include ideas important to studying computer science and six Computational Thinking Practices that computer scientists engage in.

Big Ideas

  1. Creativity
  2. Abstraction
  3. Data
  4. Algorithms
  5. Programming
  6. The Internet
  7. Global Impacts

Computational Thinking Practices

  1. Connecting Computing
  2. Creating Computational Artifacts
  3. Abstracting
  4. Analyzing Problems and Artifacts
  5. Communicating
  6. Collaborating