Unit 5: Impacts of Computing


  • The creation of computer programs can have extensive impacts, some unintended, on societies, economies, and cultures.

  • In this unit, we will explore these effects, the legal and ethical concerns that come with programs, and the responsibilities of programmers.

  • When using computing innovations and transmitting information via the Internet, we should be aware of the risk of sharing personal identifiable information, such as their age or address, and actively take steps to keep this information safe.

Key Terms

Essential Questions

  • What app or computer software do you use most often and would have a hard time going without? How does this software solve a problem for you or benefit you?

  • Are innovators responsible for the harmful effects of their computing innovations, even if those effects were unintentional? Why or why not?

  • What data are generated by smart phones, and what are they being used for?

5.3 Computing Bias

5.4 Crowdsourcing

5.5 Legal and Ethical Concerns

5.6 Safe Computing