1.1 Primitive Types


  1. Determine the result or output based on statement execution order in a code segment without method calls (other than output).

  2. Identify errors in program code.

  3. Determine an appropriate program design to solve a problem or accomplish a task (not assessed).

  4. Determine code that would be used to complete code segments.

  5. Apply the meaning of specific operators.

  6. Describe the behavior of a given segment of program code.

  7. Explain why a code segment will not compile or work as intended.

Essential Questions

  1. How can we use programs to solve problems?

  2. In what ways are numbers used in the programs and apps you use most often?

  3. How are mathematical concepts being used in the programs and apps that you use most often?

1.1 Challenge - Requirements

    • Call System class methods to generate output to the console.

    • Create string literals.

    • Identify the most appropriate data type of category for a particular specification.

    • Declare variables of the correct types to represent primitive data.

    • Evaluate arithmetic expressions in a program code.

    • Evaluate what is stored in a variable as a result of an expression with an assignment statement.

    • Evaluate arithmetic expressions that use casting.