3.1 Writing Classes


  1. Determine an appropriate program design to solve a problem or accomplish a task (not assessed).

  2. Determine code that would be used to complete code segments.

  3. Determine code that would be used to interact with completed program code.

  4. Write program code to define a new type by creating a class.

  5. Describe the initial conditions that must be met for a program segment to work as intended or described.

  6. Explain why a code segment will not compile or work as intended.

  7. Identify errors in program code.

  8. Describe the behavior of a given segment of program code.

  9. Determine the result or output based on the statement execution order in a code segment containing method calls.

Essential Questions

  1. How can using a model of traffic patterns improve travel time?

  2. How can programs be written to protect your bank account balance from being inadvertently change?

  3. What responsibility do programmers have for the consequences of programs they create, whether intentional or not?

3.1 Challenge

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