4.2 ArrayList


  1. Determine code that would be used to complete code segments.

  2. Write program code to create, traverse, and manipulate elements in 1D array or ArrayList objects.

  3. Determine the result or output based on the statement execution order in a code segment containing method calls.

  4. Use test-cases to find errors or validate results.

  5. Explain how the result of program code changes, given a change to the initial code.

  6. Determine the number of times a code segment will execute.

Essential Questions

  1. Why is an ArrayList more appropriate for storing your music playlist, while an array might be more appropriate for storing your class schedule?

  2. How can we use statement execution counts to choose appropriate algorithms?

  3. What personal data is currently being collected, and how?

  4. Why do programmers sometimes prefer using recursive solutions when sorting data in a large data set?

Key Terms