Student Leaders

Room Maintainer

    • Erases board

    • Makes sure others clean up after themselves

Paper Handler

    • Passes out papers

    • Collects papers

Attendance Monitor

    • Notifies teacher when students are absent


    • Notifies class of important days coming up

Tech People

    • Teaches each group's tech representative

Time Keeper

    • Notifies teacher when time is running out

    • Responsible for all breaks (starting and stopping)

Peer Support

    • Supports other students that may be falling behind on class material

  • Assigning student leaders in the classroom helps to foster classroom ownership, community, and cohesiveness among students.

  • Student leaders "apply" for a specific responsibility within the room and are assigned their role on a rotating schedule.

  • When students feel more involved in the daily operations of the classroom, they begin to positively manage themselves and each other.

  • Not only are students honored to hold these titles, an added benefit is a carryover effect that builds upon positive leadership skills.